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DON'T Deal With Your Homeowners Insurance On Your Own!

Public Adjusters work for YOU, not the insurance company.
No up front or out of pocket costs.
Call NOW.

Free Claim Analysis

The minute you open your claim, your homeowner's insurance is exploiting what you don't know, and setting a trap for you to accept less than your policy entitles you to.  DON'T be another victim.  Let us help.

Licensed Adjusters

Our team of public adjusters is here to help you from the moment you contact us until your property is restored to its pre-loss condition. Isn't that awesome?

Max Claim

We ensure your claim is handled both professionally and timely so you receive as much money as possible, and as fast as possible..

Public Adjuster West Palm Beach

If your home incurred recent damage, DON’T deal with your insurance on your own. In most cases they will deny or underpay your claim, forcing you to pay out of pocket for damages you didn’t know your policy could cover. Our licensed professionals are ready to help NOW.

You may not know this but most homeowners insurance companies RARELY pay you the full amount your policy allows for repairs. Their goal is to exploit what you don’t know, and pay you as little as possible, and they are highly trained and VERY good at this. Once you’ve unknowingly accepted, it’s often too late and they’re off the hook, while you’re stuck paying out of pocket for repairs your insurance should have covered for you. If you take on your insurance company by yourself, YOU WILL LOSE. Most insurance companies will either deny your claim, or pay you significantly less repair money than your policy allows, which means you pick up most of the bill for them out of your own hard earned money, so they don’t have to.

We can show you how to not only avoid that and get what you’re owed, but in many cases get 5-10X the amount of repair money they were willing to offer you on your own.

There are NO UP FRONT or OUT OF POCKET COSTS to you, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Public adjusters only get paid a percentage off the TOP of the claim, and only if we win, which means YOU CAN’T LOSE.

Get a fast and FREE consultation from a licensed professional BEFORE contacting your homeowners insurance, to ensure your home gets the proper repairs it needs. It only takes a few minutes, and again, there is no up front or out of pocket cost to you. It's fast and easy, and can save you a LOT of time and money.

Contact us first. And if you have called your insurance already, it’s not too late. Call NOW for details. The safety and future value of your home depend on it.

West Palm Beach Public Adjuster Benefits

  • No hassle claims assistance - let us deal with the headaches so you don’t have to

  • Fast settlements - receive your repair funds in a fraction of the time

  • Maximum claim payouts

  • No out of pocket costs - your insurance pays us...NOT YOU...and you can STILL get significantly more funds

  • 5-10X repair funds - more money = more and higher quality repairs. Payout increases like this are typical for a public adjuster

  • Free assessment - it only takes a few minutes to make sure we can help, so why not!

See The Results Obtained for Some Previous Clients

Water Damage Repair and Restoration Claims

These are exceptionally sensitive claims and should never be left to the insurance company’s adjuster. Most water damage occurs out of sight and can be quite vast. Water often enters a tiny spot in or outside your home, and then quickly travels through your walls and floors like a maze, causing larger amounts of damage than the eye can see, and often to multiple areas and rooms in your home.

The insurance companies’ adjusters will only pay for “visible” damage. When you accept your claim and the untreated INvisible damage gets worse over time, the insurance company is typically no longer required to pay for it because you agreed to an insufficient settlement that already should have included it. You now have to pay for the remainder (and usually significantly larger portion) of the damage yourself, or risk depreciation of your home’s value, AND safety.

The greater risk comes from the resulting mold caused by the untreated invisible water damage.  

Mold Removal and Remediation Claims

Mold infestations can go unseen, spreading inside your walls, and putting yours and your loved ones’ health at serious risk. If there was unaccounted for water damage, repairs for the subsequent mold can be substantial, and very costly. DO NOT chance your home’s value or your family’s health on an insurance company that is only concerned with NOT paying you, so they can pay themselves more.

Wind, Fire, Hail, Vandalism, Theft and all other Claims Types

Wind and hail damage may not seem like much, but they are often the initial culprits that create the opening for water and mold to then wreak havoc on your life. And if you neglect the initial damage, you are typically now responsible for everything that comes after because you could have prevented it, but chose not to. If you even THINK you may have incurred damage to your property, stop thinking and just CALL US for a FREE ASSESSMENT, so we can put your mind at ease.

And for all other types of property loss, they ALL have their caveats, and their own unique pitfalls. Dealing with the insurance company on your own, and losing, is a virtual certainty. Public adjusters know what the insurance companies know, and we’re licensed and trained to hold the insurance companies accountable, so you and your home get what you deserve.It doesn’t cost you a penny out of pocket. We get them to settle your claim much faster, for much more money, we get paid by your insurance company and only if we win, so YOU CAN’T LOSE! Call now!


We have help available to make sure you’re not the next victim. Get a FREE consultation from a licensed public adjuster BEFORE contacting your insurance, to ensure your home gets the proper repairs it needs. It only takes a few minutes, and there is no out of pocket cost to you. Get the full money needed to fix your home the right way. Help is fast, easy and available immediately to ensure your claim is handled properly and you get the maximum amount of repair money you’re entitled to. Contact us RIGHT NOW for details. You’ll be happy you did.


PUBLIC ADJUSTER WEST PALM BEACH represents you, the policy holder, to ensure you are treated fairly by your insurance company! Our team has intimate knowledge of insurance policies, negotiation techniques, and preparing, filing and maximizing the payment of an insurance claim. Our efficient processes make certain we are both on the same page and get you your money for repairs fast.

We ensure your claim is handled professionally and timely so that you receive the settlement to which you are entitled, not what the insurance company thinks you deserve.


PUBLIC ADJUSTER WEST PALM BEACH is an independent company offering commercial and residential insurance claims assistance to those that have experienced a property loss resulting from hurricane, fire, water, flood, mold, storm, wind, hail, tornado, or earthquake damage
in the U.S.


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